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The 'Triple A' is an independent trade test for professional chefs designed and delivered by industry for industry in order to provide the benchmarks that will define, develop and promote craft skills. Culminating in a one-day practical exam, the process provides a common syllabus and independent appraisal for work-based apprenticeships. The apprenticeship can be either informal and delivered entirely in-house or formal in the shape of the BTEC Apprenticeship in Craft Cuisine. The latter contains a number of learning elements, the most important being the practical component - the Diploma in Craft Cuisine - which culminates in the 'Triple A' exam.

This website contains all the information needed to participate by either route, and also provides support for those preparing for the exam. The governing body for the Applied Ability Awards is the AAA National Committee, which comprises representatives from the principal chefs' organisations in the UK.


There are no common and consistent training standards that have the confidence of industry, and none at all that are set and maintained by the profession itself - that's the opportunity that the Triple A now provides.
Martyn Nail, Executive Chef, Claridges - AAA Examiner & Mentor


The Triple A is about chefs taking charge in the battle for craft skills and setting the standards for trainees and trainers alike. As employers are dependent on those skills we need to give them our wholehearted support and participate.
Bob Cotton, former Chief Executive, British Hospitality Association


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are pleased to announce a new and unique qualification for
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endorsed by People 1st ~ approved by Ofqual ~ regulated by the
Skills Funding Agency ~ fully fundable in England and Wales

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The new BTEC Apprenticeship in Craft Cuisine provides a workforce development programme in craft skills at both Intermediate and Advanced levels. The practical component within the Apprenticeship is the Diploma in Craft Cuisine. The final assessment for the Diploma takes the form of the AAA exam, known as the Triple A, which is overseen by a national committee of representatives from the seven professional chefs bodies in the UK.

The Diploma is a fully accredited, publicly funded qualification that together with
its end test has the following features and benefits:

  1. Defines, develops and maintains comprehensive craft skills for the industry and its customers
  2. Does not replace but assists in-house mentors
  3. Culminates in an impartial, independent trade test
  4. Thereby also measures the value of the training provided
  5. Generates and applies common standards and so creates consistency for all concerned: employers, learning providers and learners
  6. Establishes the basis of an industry-led career ladder, with currently two and ultimately three (now piloting) stages of continuous professional development
  7. Has been designed by chefs and has an end test delivered by chefs enabling the profession to set and maintain its own benchmarks
Pioneering Four Key Elements of HMG's Apprenticeship Reform Policy

Defines an Apprenticeship as a job that requires substantial and sustained training, leading to the achievement of an Apprenticeship standard and the development of transferable skills;

Replaces the long and complex frameworks with standards of around one page, developed by employers and focusing on the level of skills, knowledge and competency required to undertake a specific occupation well and to operate confidently within a sector;

Introduces rigorous independent assessment, the high level approach to which will be developed by the employers developing each standard. The expectation will be that, in most cases, at least two thirds of the assessment must take place at the end of the Apprenticeship;

Encourages Apprentices to strive to be the best by introducing a simple pass, merit or distinction grading system.

Implementation Plan published 28th October 2013

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