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Applied Ability Awards - Knowledge Tests & Skill Demonstrations

Through the login doors below Mentors and Candidates for either AAA Foundation Chef or AAA Chef will find immediate help in preparing for their Triple A exam.

Firstly, with the Practical Exam in mind, all parts of the syllabus are shown at both levels. Click on any part and you can see the tasks or dishes that need to be mastered, alongside which is a list of the available Skill Demonstrations - click on any one to view the chosen film.

Secondly, with the Knowledge Test in mind, you'll also see a list of multi-choice practice tests covering all parts of the syllabus – click on any one to take that test. The exam-day Knowledge Test is simply a random selection from the practice tests, with the questions covering each and every area of the syllabus.

During the preparation period Candidates will be able to keep a record of both their completed practice tests, with scores achieved, and also the demonstrations they have watched. The Head Mentor in each kitchen can view their Candidate's records, and nominated seniors – for example the Executive Chef of a regional or national group - can view the results from all units under their charge.

To access these resources choose the relevant login, then enter the Username and Password you were sent on submitting your combined Skill Scan and Action Plan.

Guest Login

If you are not yet participating in the Triple A but would like a flavour of the Knowledge Tests and Skill Demonstrations you can login via the link below with this username and password combination.
Username - guest1
Password – Password.1